MT Forum is a forum plugin for Movable Type.

I have been using Movable Type as a forum for over 3 years. Finally, I have taken the time to package it all up so that it can be released as a plugin. Actually, most of it has been completely re-written to include more features and for better performance.

Sneak Preview: Live Demo of MT Forum

The first version of MT Forum will be released soon. For now, you can give it a try on the MT4 Test Blog. MT Forum has the familiar look and feel of online discussion forums. You can register for an account, or sign-in with OpenID, Vox, etc. Or post without authenticating (admins decide who can post). Try out the demo by following the link below, create some new topics and reply to existing topics:

Click here to try MT Forum

Please note that some of the features shown in the demo are provided by other plugins from MT Hacks, such as Visitor Stats Pro, User Profiles Pro, and Comment Titles. These plugins are not required to use MT Forum, but certain features (such as topic view counts, user profile pages, and comment titles) will only be available if you have these plugins installed. The Entry Post plugin is required.

Please reply to this entry with feedback, or post on the demo forums!

Stay tuned for more info and the upcoming release of MT Forum.

A new feature in MT4 enables users to login via OpenID. This makes it easy to login to comment on MT4 blogs: simply enter your OpenID URL and you are good to go. But what if you don't have an OpenID. They are easy to get, but I thought it would be cool if you could use your own MT blog URL, and use your MT installation account to login to other MT sites to comment. That is exactly what the OpenID Server plugin enables you to do.

When I first set out to built an OpenID Server plugin for MT, I thought is was going to be a lot of work and steep learning curve. But then I discovered that such a plugin was previously created over 2 years ago for MT 3.2, created by Mark Paschal and Brad Choate of Six Apart. I merely moved things around a bit to suit MT4, made a few minor tweaks, and added a template tag to make it easy to setup. As such, 99% percent of the credit goes to Mark and Brad. I just thought it would be cool to login to other MT4 blogs using my MT install login account -- it kinda brings the whole OpenID thing full circle.


Notice the URL in the address bar after I click the OpenID "Sign In" button:


  • MT4
  • Net::OpenID::Server Perl Module (included)


  1. Extact the files from the zip file and upload the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of your MT installation
  2. Upload the contents of the 'extlib' directory to the 'extlib' directory.
  3. Change the permissions on the /plugins/openid-server/server.cgi file to 755 (CHMOD 755)
  4. In your author profile, set your Website URL to the URL you wish to use as your OpenID profile URL.
  5. In the <head> section of that page, add the HTML tag:
  6. <link rel="openid.server" href="<MTCGIPath>plugins/openid-server/server.cgi" />

    OR (easier)


  7. If your profile page is a static HTML page, replace "" with the full CGIPath to the copy of Movable Type where the plugin is installed.

  8. To sign in with OpenID, when presented with an OpenID signon form, enter the URL to your

  9. profile URL. If you are not logged in to Movable Type, you will be prompted to log in.

Download Now

The OpenID Server plugin is free software.

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Note: I probably should submit this version to, but I am not sure hwo to do that. I have never used Trac, nor contributed to any open source software before. I am not sure what the best practices are here, etc. I am sure somebody will point me in the right direction here...