This template includes a single template module called "FriendFeed Login". This module is designed to be used with the FriendFeed Comments plugin and can be included within your comment form.



Install is easy, using the Template Installer plugin:

  1. Download and expand the zip file.
  2. Upload the 'friendfeed_login' folder to the /plugins/TemplateInstaller/template_sets/ directory of your MT4 install. (Make sure to upload both the folder and its contents).
  3. Browse to the blog you want, then go to Design > Templates then click the "Install Templates" link on the lower right.
  4. From the dropdown, choose the "FriendFeed Login" set and click "continue".
Note that your existing versions of this template, if one exists, will be automatically backed up during the template installation process.

Get FriendFeed Login Template Module

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