MT Forum is a forum plugin for Movable Type 4.1+. Using MT Forum you can add forums to existing MT blogs, or create new blogs that act as dedicated forums. MT Forum is completely integrated with Movable Type and supports posting topics and replies by MT-authenticated users as well as OpenID-authenticated users.


MT Forum Features

MT Forum provides basic forum functionality in a way that is completely integrated with Movable Type. Features include:

  • Add forums to existing MT blogs/sites, or create a new site dedicated to the forum.
  • Create forums and subforums to organize discussions.
  • Forum posters can use their existing MT commenter accounts to post new topics and replies.
  • Forum posters can use OpenID, Vox, Livejournal, AOL, TypeKey and any other authentication method supported by MT, to post both topics and replies.
  • Topics and replies can also be posted by unauthenticated users (if configured by admin)
  • Familiar forum and topic layout promotes active forum participation.
  • Most recently active discussion topics are always listed at the top of forum listings (topic listings are sorted by most recent "post", whether it be a new topic or reply)
  • Static forum and topic pages are SEO-friendly (no long query strings).
  • New forum topics can be tagged by posters (if enabled by admin)
  • Default templates do not use HTML <table> tags for forum/topic layout.
  • Recent Forum Topics widget displays recent topics in your sidebar.
  • New topics can be scanned by MT's junk filters
  • Topic and Reply forms are spam-protected against spambots
  • Forum and Topic templates are completely customizable via MT templates.
  • Supports the integration with other MT plugins via template customization.

Live Demo

You can try MT Forum on the MT4.1 Test Blog. Browse around, post a new topic, reply to existing topics. Click here to for the live demo.

Note that some features shown in the live demo (and in the screensnaps above) require other plugins. These include topic view stats, topic signatures, reply (comment) titles, user profile pages, join dates and post counts.

Template Set

MT Forum comes with a set of templates that can be installed in a single click, making it very easy to setup. The templates control the display of the main forum home page, the forum listing pages, topic listing pages, and the new topic submission page.

Forum Themes

MT Forum comes with two themes (styles), the red one shown above, and a blue one shown here:

These themes are based on themes from the open source phpBB (version 3) forum application. With a bit of effort, other phpBB styles could be converted for use with MT Forum.


Get MT Forum

After purchasing a license below, you will be taken directly to a download page.

Buy MT Forum and Entry Post Together

Note that the new topic posting feature of MT Forum is powered by the Entry Post plugin from MT Hacks. Use the links below to purchase licenses for both plugins together. Click here to buy a license for only MT Forum.

Commercial License - (up to 5 blogs) - $194.00


Blog Network License - (more than 5 blogs) - $346.00


Non-Commercial License - (up to 5 blogs) - $66.00



  1. Extract the zip file and upload the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of you MT Installation.

  2. Upload the contents of the 'mt-static' directory to the 'mt-static' directory of your MT install

  3. The next time you access MT, you should see a "Time to Upgrade" screen that will update the database for MT Forum

  4. If you have not already done so, enable Entry Post for the blog(s) where you want to install a forum (details here)

  5. Go to the blog you want then choose Preferences > Plugins from the menu, then click on MT Forum then Settings. Click the "Install Templates" button to install the templates.

  6. Choose Design > Templates from the Menu and choose "Template Modules" from the right side of the page. Open the "Header" module. Look for the </head> tag. Immediately before that tag there should be a <mt:var name="html_head"> tag. If this is not present, then add it bebefore the &t;/head> tag and save the template.

  7. Choose to Manage > Forums from the menu and create one or more forums.

  8. Rebuild all files and view your forum at

  9. (Optional) Use Widget Manager to add the "Recent Forum Topics" widget to the sidebar of your blog. You may also want to add a navigation link to forum.html so people can find the main forum page.

As always, feedback is appreciated, please reply to this entry.