Convert To Global Template is a plugin for Movable Type 4.1+ that does exactly what it says: it enables you to convert blog templates to global (system-wide) templates in MT 4.1.

Movable Type 4.1 has a new feature in which you can create template modules and widgets at the system level. These "global" templates can then be included from any blog in the system. This plugin enables you to convert blog-level modules and widgets to global ones, in just a few clicks. Simply check the templates you want to convert, choose "Convert to Global" from the "more actions..." dropdown box, and hit Go.

You can also convert in the other direction, from global to blog level.


  • MT 4.1+


  1. Upload the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of your MT install.
  2. Convert templates as desired from the Blog Templates listing of modules and widgets.

Note: Only users with system admin permissions will be able to see and use this action.

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