Movable Type 4.1 has just been released. This represents first stable release of Movable Type Open Source (MTOS). In addition, the commercial version has also been released, which includes the same MTOS 4.1 + the "Professional Pack", which includes a slick commercial template set and Custom Fields functionality. MT 4.1 includes a number of new features and user interface enhancements. Highlights include system-wide template modules, a pluggable rich-text-editor, and new templates sets feature that lets you choose a template set when you create a new blog.

I have done a quick review of MT Hacks plugins on MT 4.1, and most of them that worked under 4.0x also work fine under 4.1. However, several plugins will need to be updated before they are fully functionally under 4.1. These include:

  • Visitor Stats - If you upgrade to 4.1 now, the plugin will continue to tracks stats, but the dashboard graphs won't show, and there may be a few other admin interface oddities. An upcoming version will address these.
  • User Profiles - Some user interface elements won't appear properly. Also, MT 4.1 comes with user photos as a core feature, so an upcoming version of User Profiles will migrate your profile photos to use the 4.1 system.
  • Fast Search - Fast Search may work fine under many cases in 4.1, but in some cases a "division by zero" error will occur, caused by changes made in 4.1. This will be addressed in an upcoming version. Get the Update Here.
  • Dynamic Menus - Needs to be updated to work with 4.1.
  • Breadcrumbs - On most screens, it is okay, but in some cases, a little wacky.

There may be others, I haven't tested everything yet. If you are brave enough to upgrade to 4.1 right away, please reply to this entry with any issues or strangeness that you encounter with my plugins.