memcached Stats is a plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) that provides a admin dashboard widget that displays stats for each of the memcached servers in your MT config.

memcached is an optional advanced feature with MT4. You can read more about memcached here, and about using MT with memcached here. In short, memcached is a caching system that caches data in memory. When configured for MT4, Movable Type will store numerous items in the cache to reduce the number of database queries and improve performance. To use memcached, your probably need a dedicated server with root access, as you have to compile and install several libraries. I installed it earlier today with help of this tutorial.

How it Works

The memcached Stats dashboard widget will display key statistics for each of your memcached servers. It looks like this:

As the example above shows, the widget will display a warning message when memcached is not returning stats for a particular server. This could mean that the memcached process or server has gone down, or that the server is unreachable.


  • MT4+
  • Memcached (plus its dependancies)
  • Cache::Memcached perl module


  1. Download and extract the the contents of the zip file and uploads the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of MT.
  2. Login to MT and go to your Dashboard. On the lower right side of the page you should see a "Select a Widget..." drop down box. Select "Memcached Stats" and click "Go". (Note that only system administrators have permissions to add this widget. Other users won't see this widget in the list)

Get Memcached Stats

Memcached Stats requires the purchase of a commercial license.

Commercial License - $97


Want More Stats?

The memached Stats widget displays only a handful of useful stats, as shown in the image above. There are more stats available, that could be added to the widget in future. A list can be found near the bottom of this page, in the "General-purpose statistics" section. If you see some useful stats that are missing from the widget, please let me know and I will add them.

As always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated.