The Customized Email Templates plugin enables MT4 sites to customize email notification templates on per blog basis. Using the familiar MT4 template management screens, you can easily customize the emails that get sent out by the system. For example, you could change the order of comment fields, remove unwanted items, or add new pieces of information to suit your needs.

How it Works

When MT is ready to send an email, the plugin looks for template modules in that blog with the same names as the default system filename. The key names are:

  • new-comment.tmpl
  • new-ping.tmpl

If the module is not found, the system default will be used (same as without the plugin). If a match is found, the template module will be used instead of the system default.

Note that these template modules are special, because they are a hybrid of an "application template" and a "blog template". What this means is that you will see a lot of <mt:var tags, which are variables that are set by the system. In addition to these tags, you can also use normal <MTCommentXXX, <MTCommenter and <MTEntryXXX tags when customizing these templates.

Template Sets

As a separate download, I have created a template set to get you started: This template set includes template modules for both comment notifications (new-comment.tmpl) and trackback notifications (new-ping.tmpl). Remember, it is important not to rename these modules.

These templates are virtually identical to the system defaults, but I have included two enhancements to the new-comment.tmpl template:

  • If the comment was made by a authenticated commenter, the Auth type will be shown after their name. For example, it would show "Commenter name: Bob Sakamano (Vox)".
  • I have modified the "View comment" URL so that it includes the anchor #comment-<mt:CommentID>. These means that when you click the link, it will go directly to that comment on the page, rather than to the very top of the page. This is handy for sites that get a lot of comments, and you have scroll all the way down to view the new comment and/or reply.



Download and extract the zip file. Upload the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of your Movable Type installation.
For each blog that you want to customize, install template Modules to be used. Download the template sets and install them using Template Installer. (Advanced users can create these manually, but they must be named as described above.)

Get Customized Email Templates

Commercial License - $97.00


Personal License - Free

Customized Email Templates is free for personal, non-commercial use.

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As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.