Entry To Page Converter is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that enables you to convert Entries into Pages.

Pages are a new feature in MT4 that you can use to create pages that are not really 'entries'. In previous versions of Movable Type, many people used entries for such pages. Now that MT4 has "pages", you can use this plugin to easily convert those old entries into pages. By the way, you can also do the reverse, convert Pages into Entries.

How it Works

On the Entry listing screen, you can select the entries that you want to convert by checking the boxes. Then simply choose "Convert to Page(s)" from the "more actions..." dropdown menu and click "Go". The Entries will immediately be converted to Pages. During the conversion process, the entry is automatically removed from any categories it may have been in, since Pages don't use categories. After the conversion process, you will be redirected to a "Batch Edit" screen for your new pages. Using this screen, you can quickly add Pages to Folders and other minor edits, then hit save. It's that easy.


  • MT4.0+


  1. Download and extract the zip file, then upload the contents of the 'plugins' directory into the 'plugins' directory of your Movable Type installation (often /cgi-bin/mt/plugins/).
  2. Login to MT and go to the entry listing for the blog you want.
  3. Select the entries that you want to convert by checking the checkboxes.
  4. Choose "Convert to Page(s)" more the "more actions..." dropdown box and click "Go"
  5. (Optional) Add the new pages to Folders and make other edits, then save.
  6. Rebuild your site.

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