I have created Google Sitemaps template for Movable Type 4 (MT4). This index template can help your site get fully indexed by Google and other search engines. The sitemap template will include the following pages:

  • All entry pages
  • All monthly pages
  • All category pages
  • All category-monthly pages (new in MT4)
  • All author pages (new in MT4)
  • All author-monthly pages (new in MT4)
  • All tag pages

Note: Due to an apparent bug in MT4, I wasn't able to get a listing of "Pages" (new in MT4) to work. I will update the template when that bug gets fixed.

You can install the template using the Template Installer plugin. Note that this template is set to NOT publish automatically when index templates get rebuilt. For performance reasons, you should leave that option unchecked. This means that from time to time you should open the template and choose "Save & Publish".

Download Now:

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