The Dynamic Menus plugin for Movable Type 4.0 (MT4) hides inactive menu items in the MT4 user interface.

By default, MT4 will display all menu items, even if the user does not have the required permissions to access certain items. The inactive items appear grayed out and are not clickable. Some people, including myself, think it would be better if the inactive menu items did not show up at all: if you don't have permissions to perform certain functions, why should those functions clutter up the interface. In some cases, these unclickable, inactive menu items may cause unwanted user confusion, and it is simpler to only show those function that the user is able to perform. So the Dynamic Menus plugin does exactly this, it hides those inactive menu items completely. So if you agree with my thinking on this, download this plugin!



  • Movable Type 4.0+

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  1. Download the zip file and upload the contents of the 'plugins' directory to the 'plugins' directory of your MT installation.
  2. You are done. The inactive menu items should be hidden immediately. Note that if you are logged in as a system administrator, you won't notice any difference in the menus, because you have permissions to perform all functions.

Thank you to Movable Type web designer Jesse Gardner for suggesting the 'Dynamic Menus' name, as the name that I came up with was kinda lame.