Comment Registration is a plugin for Movable Type that enables readers to register an account on your site and login to post comments. Commenters register and login directly with your site, not via an external authentication service (this plugin does not use TypeKey).

UPDATE: The latest version of this plugin, version 1.2, includes an important security bug fix. It is highly recommended that sites using previous versions upgrade to version 1.2 immediately. Simply upload the new version to upgrade -- there is no need to edit or re-install templates.

Movable Type supports comment registration (authentication), but commenters must register and sign via TypeKey, a centralized authentication service offered by Six Apart (the makers of MT). While this "remote authentication" approach has some key advantages, there are also reasons why you might prefer a "local authentication" system. The Comment Registration plugin provides this option.

Comment Registration works with the built-in Commenter system of MT (see the "Commenters" menu item on the left-hand navigation menu). When someone creates a commenter account on your site and posts a comment, they will appear on the Commenters screen, including their Nickname, username, URL, email, and a tally of their comments:

Note: Commenters must post at least one comment before they appear on the Commenters listing. If someone creates an account but does not post a comment, they will not appear in the listing.

Because the plugin uses the the built-in Commenters system, you can use all the MT commenter features, such as:

  • Trusting and Banning commenters:
  • Settings for accepting comments:
  • Settings for publishing comments:

Comment Registration comes with 4 default templates (based on the default MT3.3 templates):

Commenter Login - An index template that contains a login form for commenters.
Commenter Registration - And index template that contains a form for creating a commenter account on your system.
Site Javascript - This is a replacement index template for the existing Site Javascript (mt-site.js) template. (Your existing Site Javascript will be renamed as a backup during installation).
Widget: Commenter Login - A Widget Manager widget that you can add to your sidebar, containing a login form for commenters.

Test it Out Now

Head over to the MT Hacks Test Blog and register for an account and then submit a few comments. Start at this test entry by clicking here.


  1. Extract the files from the zip file, and upload the contents of the 'plugins' directory to the 'plugins' directory of your MT installation.
  2. Change the permissions on the mt-login.cgi file to 755 (CHMOD 755).
  3. Browse to the blog you want, then go to Settings - Plugins, and then the Settings button for Comment Registration. You will notice that the plugin has no settings of its own, but you will find a link to install the default templates. Click that link. The default templates will be installed and rebuilt.
  4. You must have Authentication enabled for the default templates to work (if you currently allow TypeKey authentication, you can skip this step). Go Settings > Feedback and find the "Authentication status" setting. In field after "Or, manually enter token", enter some text (anything will do).
  5. (Optional) Adjust the Feedback settings for accepting and publishing comments (see images above) as desired.
  6. Save Feedback settings and then manually rebuild the Site Javascript (mt-site.js) index template.


  • MT 3.3x

Note that this plugin does not work with MT4, as this plugin's features have be built-in to MT4.

Get Comment Registration

Comment Registration is free for personal use, but you must place a link on your site, such as:

Powered by the <a href="">Comment Registration</a> plugin for Movable Type.

Donations are appreciated:

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Commercial License (up to 5 blogs) - $97

Blog Network License (unlimited blogs) - $249

Note for multi-blog installations / blog networks: commenters need only create one account and can use the same login for all of the sites on the same MT installation.

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. Please reply to this entry.