MT Plugin Network is a plugin for Movable Type that provides links to the latest plugins and tools, from within the MT administration interface:

MT Plugin Network is collaborative effort by a growing list of plugin developers. When plugin developers release new or updated plugins or tools, they will be added to list of recent MT Plugins and Tools. This way you can quickly and easily stay on top of the latest plugins for Movable Type.

Download Now

Click here to download MT Plugin Network v1.0


Unzip the file and upload the contents to your plugins directory within your Movable Type installation (often /cgi-bin/mt/plugins/). After uploading, MT Plugin Network is installed.

In the near future, many of the free plugins released by MT Hacks will have MT Plugin Network included in the download files. As a condition of the free use of the software, I ask that you also install PluginNetwork. It is a great way to keep up to date on new and updated plugins from MT Hacks, as I will be posting all future updates to the Plugin Network announcements box.

Are you a plugin developer? If you would like to join the MT Plugin Network and include your plugin announcements in the "MT Plugins and Tools" box, please send an email to plugins at