I've been having issues with the MTFlickrPhotoDescription, it does not seem to be getting any description from my user.

this is my test page
this is my flickr page

I have get photo details on, but doesn't seem to be working, here is my template:



Una piramide y en el tope le han construido una iglesia

Cholula's fields

(Cheo) such a peaceful place, you can feel the energy everywhere

El arbol

(Cheo) Un arbol dentro de un caja...interesante!!


Vista desde el Hotel


(Cheo) Llegando al festival


La piramide del sol

Tampico, Mexico

(Cheo) Arrancando a ciudad de mexico

Tampico, Mexico

Plaza de Armas

Tampico, Mexico

Punto de reunión

Tampico, Mexico


más fotos ...

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is there anything wrong?

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Hey there,
I've purchased and installed FastSearch on a client's blog. It's a discount club site. I used FastSearch so we would be able to control the order of search results (so that businesses who purchase an ad would come up on top for certain search terms). To make this happen, we fill certain listings with keywords.

I did some tests a few months back and it seemed to be working fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Results are sorted by date. I know relevance is the default so that tag shouldn't be needed (I believe). Still, after trying every other thing, I added it. Same results.

Can you see what's wrong?
Please help asap! My client was really depending on this working.

Search form:

Search Results page:

Searched for ""

No pages were found containing "".

Instructions By default, this search
engine looks for all words in any order. To search for an exact phrase,
enclose the phrase in quotes:

"25Score card"

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Im having a problem - Im using flicker photo -

I created a post to pull up about 100 photos.

it displays the 1st eight fine then the rest are set in the output code to height and width 0.

Has anyone else come across this?

Im using the latest flickr photo code vanilla.

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