bootstrap-preview.pngBootstrap Theme for MT is a Theme powered by Twitter Bootstrap and the ThemeManager plugin. It is a fully responsive theme, which means that that the layout automatically adjusts to suit the screen, so it looks great and readable on smartphone, tablets, as well as laptop/desktop browsers. Bootstrap Theme is based largely on The Bootstrap theme for Wordpress, so much of the credit goes to Konstantin Obenland.

Bootstrap Theme Demo

MT Hacks was recently updated to use Bootstrap Theme, browse the site to check out features. Be sure to try it on a tablet or smartphone too. Also, a demo/dev site can be seen here.


Version 1.0 of Bootstrap Theme is designed to be simple and easy to setup. More features may be added in future. The theme supports Facebook Comments (optional) - support for MT commenting may come in a future version. Bootstrap Theme has customizable menus and sidebar widgets, as well a host of other Theme Options:




Boostrap Theme includes pagination powered by my Pagination plugin.

Open Source

Bootstrap Theme is open source and available at:

Suggestions and contributions are welcome. Documentation is one area that is lacking...