Add Category is a simple MT Plugin that enables you to select multiple entries and add them to one or more categories at the same time. This can be a timesaver if you want to add a bunch of entries to the same category -- using this plugin you can avoid opening up each entry, adding the category, saving the entry, etc.

This screen snap says it all:


  1. Download the zip file and expand it.
  2. Upload the content of the 'plugins' directory into the 'plugins' directory within your MT install.
  3. Go to an Entry Listing screen for the blog you want.
  4. Select one or more entries by checking the boxes on the left-hand side.
  5. Choose "Add to Categories..." from the drop-down box on the top-right of the entry listing.
  6. Enter the names or category IDs of one or more categories. If you enter more that one category, separate each with commas. Then hit the okay button.
  7. Rebuild the entries.


  • If you have more than one category with the same name in the same blog (rare, but it does happen), then you should use category ID numbers to make sure the entries get added to the intended category.
  • If an entry is not assigned to any categories, the plugin will assign the first category you specify as the primary category.
  • If you specify a category that does not exist, the plugin will display an error message. You should create the categories first.
  • This plugin cannot be used to change the primary category.
  • This plugin cannot be used to remove categories from entries (perhaps in a future version).

Get Add Category

Add Category is not free, but you can try before you buy. The license cost is only $7.

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