Entry Post is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to your site to submit entries using a form. Visitors do not need a user account and they do not need to login. Similar to posting a comment, they can simply fill in a form and submit.

Update 1/23/07: Entry Post now works with MT 3.2 as well as MT 3.3.

I have been using external forms and scripts to do this for several years. Examples include Mars Rover Forum and Seinfeld Forum. These MT-powered forums enable forum members to post new topics (entries) using an external form. Based on this experience, I have converted the entry posting script into a plugin -- and added a bunch of additional features.

Basic Features

  • enable visitors to post entries to your blog
  • new entries can be set to "Published" or "Unpublished" (pending admin/moderator review)
  • supports TypeKey authentication (optional)
  • entries can be scanned against MT's Junk Filters
  • entries can be previewed before posting
  • email notifications of new entry submissions
  • entries can be added to a category (set a default or allow poster to choose)
  • entries can be tagged (default list of tags, or specified by the poster)
  • included default templates include spam-protected form

Advanced Features

  • enable posters to upload an image with the entry
  • other entry fields supported (Extended Entry, Excerpt, Keywords)
  • option to disable rebuilds when an entry is posted
  • option to disable entry creation (makes the form work as a 'contact me' form with email notification turned on.)
  • xml response option

Try Entry Post Now

I have setup an Entry Post test blog that you can use to submit test entries. You can use one of two forms:

  1. Basic Form (default form installed with Entry Post)
  2. Advanced Form (and example form to demonstrate advanced features)

By using the forms above, you will quickly get an idea of the visitor experience with Entry Post. In its simplest form, it is very similar to posting a comment.

The Administrator Experience

Entry Post has been designed to be easy to install and configure. Simply upload the files, change some file permissions, then configure the plugin via the Plugin Settings for each blog. Required templates are installed with a single click (which can then be customized, if desired).

The settings area for Entry Post looks like this:

By using the above settings, you can configure most of the features of Entry Post.


  • MT 3.2+ (Note: The tags and TypeKey login features require MT 3.3+)
  • CustomFields Plugin - Version 1.22 - To store and display information about entry posters, the CustomFields plugin (from Movalog) is required. Using this plugin, the Name, Email, URL, and IP address of the poster will be visible on the "Edit Entry" screens, and template tags can be used to display these values on your site. In the unlikely case that you don't want either of these features, then EntryPost will still work (entries will be posted, email notifications sent, etc.) A portion of all sales of Entry Post will be donated to Movalog. Note that CustomFields version 2.x is not currently supported.


  • Download the zip file and extract the contents.

  • Upload the "EntryPost" directory (and all its sub-directories and files) to your MT 'plugins' directory.

  • Change the file permissions to 755 (CHMOD 755) for the EntryPost/mt-entrypost.cgi and EntryPost/signin.cgi files.

  • Login to MT and go to the 'Settings' area of a blog and choose the 'Plugins' tab. Then click the "Settings" link for EntryPost. You should now see the available settings for EntryPost, as shown above.

  • Enable the plugin by checking the Enable checkbox, choose other settings, and the save the settings.

  • Return to the EntryPost settings and install the templates by clicking the provided link. After the templates have been created, you can customize them, if desired, to suit your needs or match your site design. The primary template is an index template called "EntryPost Submit Page" - this page includes the form to post entries.

  • You will probably now want to provide a link to the Submit Page from your main index. One way to do this is to use the provided "EntryPost Submit Link" widget (using WidgetManager). Alternatively, you can manually create a link such as <a href="<MTEntryPostSubmitPage>">Submit an Entry</a>.

Get Entry Post

Commercial License - $97

If you site or blog is for-profit, a commercial license is required. The license includes all future updates to Entry Post and priority feature requests.

Personal License - $33

For use on a personal site or blog, a personal license is required. The license includes all future updates to Entry Post.

If you would like to use Entry Post on a non-profit or charity site, please contact me.

Live Demo

If you are interested in purchasing EntryPost, but would like to try it first, that can be arranged. To experience the poster side of things, visit the Entry Post test blog using the links provided above. If you would like to login to see the admin interface, please contact me.

As always, feedback, suggestions, and product questions are appreciated. Please reply to this entry.