Note: There was a major bug in v1.5 that is fixed in this version. If you are using v1.5, you must upgrade to v1.7.

Smart Rebuild v1.7 provides several new features, including:

  • rebuild "chunking" of category rebuilds. When you rebuild your categories, they will get rebuilt in chunks, similar to the way Indvidual Archives get rebuild, a certain number at a time. Of course, this includes the category rebuilding optimizations from Smart Rebuild v1.0. This new chunking feature will be especially helpful for blogs that have many categories (40 or more, in most cases).
  • background rebuilding of category and date-based archives when a new comment is posted. This reduces the amount of time that it takes to post a comment.
  • background rebuilding when items are created, edited, junked, or deleted from the Movable Type admin interface. This means less time waiting when you conduct these tasks.

Note that background tasks will not reduce the server load nor the actual time it takes for pages to be rebuilt. The benefit of background tasks is that the rebuilding is done "in the background", meaning that the process of posting a comment, saving an entry, junking comments, or other task can continue without waiting for the rebuild to complete. In short, it saves time for commenters, authors, and blog admins.


MT 3.3x

Note: This version of Smart Rebuild is not suitable for use on MT4+.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the plugin and upload to the 'plugins' directory in your Movable Type installation.
  • Check to see if background tasks will work on your server. To check, you can use a test script that comes with MT. Go to http://www.yourmtdomain/cgi-bin/mt/mt-tesbg.cgi (modify this address so that it points to the file in your MT directory). If you get message that says "Background tasks are available", then you can turn on this option (see the next step). If background tasks are not available, you should not enable it, as it may cause errors.
  • If you haven't done so previously, turn on background tasks by adding the following line to your mt-config.cgi file:

    LaunchBackgroundTasks 1

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Commercial use - $97.00

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