This plugin enables you to trust commenters on you blog -- without requiring them to login via TypeKey or other authentication service.

The plugin enables you to trust commenters based on a combination of three things:

  1. the commenter's name
  2. the commenter's email address
  3. the IP Address(es) used by the commenter

The last item is important, as it vastly reduced the possibility of "spoofing" -- someone lese posing as the trusted commenter. For each Name/Email combination, you can trust multiple IP Addresses.

How it works

  • You can trust a commenter from a specific IP address with a single click. When viewing the comment in the MT admin interface, click the "Trust this commenter from this IP address" link that appears under "Plugin Actions" below the comment fields.
  • When you trust a commenter in this manner, the plugin will create a commenter record in your database (similar to the way this happens when someone posts a comment using TypeKey). In addition, the commenter is granted permission to post again from the same IP address.
  • If the commenter already exists in your database, their permissions are simply updated to include the new IP address, if necessary.
  • The next time the commenter posts a comment on your blog (from a listed IP address), the plugin will recognize them as trusted. Behind the scenes, a cookie is placed on the commenter's computer (again, very similar to the TypeKey cookie). Furthermore, the comment gets posted in "trusted" status, which means that the junk filters are bypassed for this commenter (for example).
  • The next time the commenter posts a comment, they will not have to enter their name and email address. Once again this is similar to TypeKey, the commenter will be greeted as if they have signed in via TypeKey. (The cookie is used to identify the commenter).
  • When recognized trusted commenters post comments, a green "check mark" icon will appear beside their name (same icon as trusted TypeKey commenters).
  • After a commenter is trusted, he or she will appear in the "Commenters" section of the MT admin interface for that blog, along with the number of comments posted, etc. You can also "untrust" or "ban" these commenters as well.
  • Commenters can continue to sign-in via TypeKey, if desired. When using this plugin, you can accept trusted comments from both types of trusted commenters.


This plugin attempt to provide the benefit of Movable Type's trusted commenters feature, without requiring commenters to register and sign-in via TypeKey. While I think TypeKey authentication is a great idea, I have come to learn (from experience) that many people do not want to use it, for reasons that I don't fully understand. As an example, read the comments on this Pharyngula entry, in which the author announces that TypeKey is no longer required.

Another key benefit is the ability to trust commenters so that they will be able to bypass the junk filters. With spam getting worse, many of use (like me) have very aggressive spam filters False positives do happen, and it can be frustrating for commenters when their legit comments get moderated or junked. In this way, Trusted Commenters can act as part of your anti-spam portfolio (effectively a "whitelist" of commenters).


1. Download the plugin and expand the zip file.

2. Upload the "TrustedCommenters" folder to your "plugins" directory within your MT installation.

3. Start trusting commenters from the view/edit comment screen with MT. Click the "Trust this commenter from this IP address" link that appears under "Plugin Actions".

4. (optional) Go to your settings and enable authentication. (Go to Settings>Feeback>Authentication Status). This is not necessary but it will enable the commenter "greeting" and alleviate the need for commenters to enter their name and email address. Alternatively, this can be enabled manually without enabling authentication, as I have done on this site, by ensuring that the proper javascript and CSS elements are present.

Download Trusted Commenters

Non-commercial use - FREE

Commercial use - $97.00

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I have been using Trusted Commenters on Mars Rover Blog and Seinfeld Blog for about a month, and it is going quite well.

As always feedback is appreciated.