Introducing Smart Rebuild, a plugin for Movable Type that speeds up rebuilding. Version 1.0 of this plugin specifically addresses the speed of rebuilding category archives from the MT admin interface.

Do you need this?

  • If category rebuilds are taking a long time, you may want to try Smart Rebuild.

  • If you are getting 500 - Internal Server Errors when rebuilding, you may want to try Smart Rebuild.

  • If you have a blog with a large number of entries and/or a large number of categories (or both), you may want to try Smart Rebuild.

Download Now


1. Expand zip file and upload the "Smart Rebuild" directory to your "plugins" directory within Movable Type (this is often something like /cgi-bin/mt/plugins).

2. Try it by clicking the "rebuild site" button from the left menu and choose "Rebuild All Files" or "Rebuild Category Archives Only".

You may want to time your category rebuilds before installing the plugin, and then again after you install it. This will help give you a sense of the improvement, which will vary depending on your site.

Tested with MT 3.2 and 3.31.

Future versions of Smart Rebuild may contain further rebuild optimizations.