This plugin acts as a "connector" between MT-Blacklist and Movable Type 3.2. The most recent (and final) version of MT-Blacklist was not designed to work with Movable Type 3.2. The reason for this is because MT3.2 included SpamLookup, a new spam filtering plugin. While SpamLookup may be effective for many users of Movable Type, some people (including myself) found that MT-Blacklist was more effective on their systems. It is for this reason that I have created this "connector" plugin.

The connector is not for everyone -- some systems will benefit more than others. In my opinion, systems with the following characteristics may be ideal candidates:

  • systems with many blogs
  • systems with a large number of entries
  • systems that had accumulated a large Blacklist before upgrading to MT3.2

Note that this connector plugin is not an alternative to SpamLookup. With Blacklist32 installed, comments and trackbacks will be scanned by both SpamLookup and Blacklist32. In some cases, each plugin may assign a junk score to the same comment -- keep this in mind when adjusting your spam score settings.


  • MT-Blacklist 2.04b (may work with prior versions, but I have not tested them) - MT-Blacklist does all the heavy lifting, Blacklist32 just hooks into it to make it work nicely with MT3.2. Download MT-Blacklist 2.04b
  • Movable Type 3.2


Blacklist32 includes the following 'hooks':

  • New comments and trackbacks will be checked for matches against your local MT-Blacklist. If a match is found, a junk score is assigned, and a feedback log message is added.
  • A "Despam Comment(s)" action has been added to the Comment Listing screen. Simply check the comments that you want to despam, and choose this action from the dropdown. MT-Blacklist will then despam the comments, extracting any domains for optional inclusion in the blacklist. Note that items are junked, not deleted.
  • A similar plugin action has been added to the Edit Comment screen, enabling you to despam a single comment from that screen.

Download Now

Blacklist32 v0.75


  • Upload to the 'plugins' directory of your MT installation.
  • Adjust the junk score weight via Settings > Plugins, if desired (default is 1)

As always, questions, comments, bug reports are appreciated.