You may have been recently hit by several waves of Trackback spam, including a major assault over the last 24 hours. These attacks are clearly automated, sending many pings in a short period of time. Even if MT-Blacklist is effecting repelling these attacks, it can still cause problems for some. In the past few weeks, MT-Blacklist was working so hard to block all the spam that it contributed to a heavy CPU load on the server, resulting in several crashes (I have since moved to a dedicated server). So I have been looking for ways to ease the burden of MT-Blacklist. For trackback spam, one of the first things I tried was to rename my Trackback script from the default 'mt-tb.cgi', thinking maybe that's how these spammers were finding and attaching my sites. It didn't work. Within minutes, they were hitting the newly renamed script. Based on this, it seems that there must be Spam Spiders at play here, crawling the web and sending trackback spam as soon as they find trackback URLs. And since they seem to have adapted to the new name, perhaps these spiders are looking for some other pattern, perhaps the text " The Trackback URL for this entry is". I have tried changed that text on all of my blogs, but I think it might help. Instead, I decided to disguise the Trackback URL so that it would be difficult for spiders to parse and attach my sites.

MTDisguiseTrackbackURL is a mini-plugin that replaces the MT function for the <MTEntryTrackbackURL> tag that is displayed in the Trackback Listing template. MTDisguiseTrackbackURL outputs the URL using a few javascript commands, breaking up the full URL in the underlying HTML code. But as long as your visitors are using a JavaScript-enabled browser, the URL will appear the exact same way that it does now, and they can easily copy and paste the URL manually.

If you want to seem an example, view the Trackbacks page for this entry, and view source to see the JavaScript code.


Installation is very easy:

1. Download Now:

2. Extract the and upload it to the 'plugins' directory within your 'mt' directory.

3. That's all. Since Trackback listing pages are dynamically displayed, you don't need to rebuild anything.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

By the way, if you haven't heard yet, a critical bug has been found in the latest version of MT-Blacklist. Don't delete any blogs! Click here for more information.