1. Start with one of your blogs (any blog, it doesn't matter)

2. Create a new Template Module.

3. In the "Link this template to a file" field, enter a file system path and file name to save the template text. For shared template modules, I save them all to a "shared" directory and give each file a "txt" extension.

4. Save the template module.

5. Go to another blog that you also want to use the shared template and create a new template module.

6. Don't put anything in the body of the template module.

7. Give the template module a name and specifiy the *same* path and file name in the "Link this template to a file" field.

8. Save the template. You will see the template module code from the first blog appear in the body.

9. At this point you can modify the template code from any of your blogs and it will be updated across all blog using the module.